Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Return to the Interior Illusions Lounge

Catching up with my dear friend Paul the other night, I learned that the second season of "RuPaul's Drag Race" has begun on Logo. While I do not watch much television at all (I'm one of those freaks who doesn't have cable), I love, love, LOVE this show. Fortunately Logo puts the episodes online, so those of us who don't have access to the channel can still enjoy the show.

The format is fairly simple: 12 drag queens from around the country compete in various challenges to win a title, some cash and to participate in a tour around the country. Of course, when you get that many big personalities in the same room, drama and hilarity ensues. Personally, I felt that last year's winner should have been Nina Flowers, but at least she was the runner-up.

Having spent a fair amount of time around female impersonators, I find the show to be a pretty accurate depiction of these queens. Lots of attitude, bittersweet tales from life and egos that are only outsized by their hairdo's. Once the eyelashes and heels are stashed away, most drag queens are really decent people, and their commitment to perform and support all kinds of causes for the gay community is quite admirable. I love to watch a good drag show and shower the talent with dollar bills.

It's a bit early in the Drag Race to determine who the frontrunners are, but I'll be glued to my laptop each week to see the glamour and drama unfold. Trust me, it's worth 45 minutes of your time.


  1. I love how Nicole Paige Brooks' photo on the cannon was judged to be "too catalog." I swear, that's my new catchphrase. It's the 2010 replacement for "too regional."

  2. "Around female impersonators"? Bitch, you ARE a female impersonator! What are you doing later? C'mon girl...bring your hair.